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The most rapidly expanding and growing market today is the Direct-to-Customer. The technologies at MHS Conveyor aligns perfectly with the need for order picking conveyor solutions. MHS Conveyor’s extensive experience has set us apart from the competition with technologies like the high speed “Pick & Pass” transfer – the fastest on the market today – keeping us in the forefront of the Direct-to-Customer market.
MHS Conveyor 50 year heritage has been supplying conveyance technologies to the manufacturing & production industries. From computers to printers to air conditioners to garage doors – no other single company has the expansive knowledge in providing conveyor technologies to satisfy these industries. Work in process and assembly line operations are a perfect fit for MHS Conveyor conveying solutions.
MHS Conveyor technologies are widely used and accepted in a variety of Food and Beverage facilities. The flexibility of the MHS Conveyor IntelliROL and NBC product lines allows for easy reconfiguration of the packaging lines significantly easier when needing various adjustments due to product variances. This also allows for the maximum accumulation of product, between packaging machinery, and is suitable for all beverage applications where liquid products are handled.
The MHS Conveyor NBC and NBS conveyor/sortation technologies were exclusively designed for the Order Fulfillment & Distribution marketplace. MHS Conveyor's equipment has been an industry leader in this industry and has proven to save energy, lower maintenance costs and increase uptime performance of automated conveyor/sortation systems. These technologies are an industry leader providing the lowest cost of ownership for clients. Distribution centers nationwide running 24/7 have experienced the benefits of the technologies produced at MHS Conveyor.
MHS Conveyor long standing involvement in the demanding market of Postal / Parcel handling is an indication that MHS Conveyor has some of the most robust technologies available in the material handling industry today. The Postal / Parcel industry has many complex demands on conveyor technologies due to higher processing speeds and extensive operating hours associated within this marketplace. MHS Conveyor track record with handling small parcels has put us as a one of the leaders in this industry.
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