NBS® Wave 200

The NBS WAVE 200 is an evolution of MHS Conveyor’s NBS® technology.

MHS Conveyor’S NBS WAVE 200 sorter technology is the only one like it on the market today – leading the industry in reliable high-speed sortation. The NBS WAVE 200’s simplistic functionality and operation allows sortation rates of up to 200 CPM with a variety of carton sizes and weights.

This innovative technology allows for reducing the average gap between products from the original 12” to 6” recommended with a tolerance of ± 3”. With the increase in rate, the NBS Wave 200 can compete equally with shoe sorter rates at approximately 60% of the cost.

The NBS Wave 200 carries product at speeds up to 425 feet per minute. The compact design allows for divert points every 48” a capability that is ideal for today’s distribution centers.

Technical Data

> Product Weight Range: 8oz to 75lbs

> Rates up to: 200 cartons per minute

> Product Size: 9”x6″ up to 36″x28″



Main conveyor drives divert wheels Minimum power consumption and operating cost, best value capital investment
Product is conveyed along entire length on belt Quiet operation, increased accuracy of diverts
Simple design Ease of maintenance
Individual belt take-ups Smooth product flow, long belt life
Three or five rows of wheels with precision bearings Reliability of divert, maintaining orientation
High-friction divert wheels with precision bearings Positive and quiet divert
Modularity of divert mechanism Allows easy reconfiguration of system
MHS Conveyor