NBS®30 Narrow Belt Sorter

Efficient and consistent sortation up to 100 cpm

Narrow belt sortation at speeds up to 300 feet per minute and a sort rate of up to 100 cases per minute via a series of narrow belts, each with patented individual take-up. Multiple rows of divert wheels powered by the main conveyor allow for 30-degree diverting. The innovative design reduces cost, energy consumption, and maintenance.

NBS 30 diverts experience less tipping and skewing of product, and more accurate diverting characteristics than other diverts. Even unstable products are successfully diverted with the exclusive limited slip-clutch design, which provides a small acceleration ramp for diverting.

Energy consumption of MHS Conveyor NBS is 88% less than traditional belt with pop-up wheel sorters and 60% less than conventional sorters. This energy savings also translates into less noise, belt pull, and component wear. Belt mistracking is eliminated with the total belt retention system.

Installation time for NBS sorters can be 50% less than conventional sorters due to the simplicity of the construction and NBS diverters can be easily repositioned or reconfigured.

A series of narrow belts, each with its own take-up, span the length of the conveyor. High-friction divert wheels rise between the belts, accurately diverting product at a 30-degree angle. The NBS 30 is as efficient as it is fast—divert wheels are driven from the main conveyor, eliminating the need for extra drives.

Technical Data

> Maximum Speed: 300 fpm

> Maximum Throughput: 100 cpm

> Product Weight: 50 lbs/ft or 75 lbs/product

> Dimensions of Product: Min. 6″ x 9″, Max. 28″ x 36″

> Min. Gap Required Between Products: 18″

> Min. Dist. Between Divert Points: Spur width x 2 + 5″

> Max. Length of Sorter: 200′



Main conveyor drives divert wheels Minimum power consumption and operating cost, best value capital investment
Product is conveyed along entire length on belt Quiet operation, increased accuracy of diverts
Simple design Ease of maintenance
Individual belt take-ups Smooth product flow, long belt life
Three or five rows of wheels with precision bearings Reliability of divert, maintaining orientation
High-friction divert wheels with precision bearings Positive and quiet divert
Modularity of divert mechanism Allows easy reconfiguration of system
MHS Conveyor