NBC – Belt Driven Roller Conveyor

Two-in-one conveyor lowers the cost of ownership

MHS Conveyor Narrow Belt Conveyor is a belt-driven live-roller conveyor that can be configured into zero-pressure contact accumulation and transportation conveyor using all the same frame and drive components. This versatility results in equipment, installation, and overall cost-of-ownership savings.

While offering excellent cost savings, NBC also incorporates high-value features as standard. The logic modules are easily set in the field for basic or progressive (train) release. The direct-drive belt is powered with a 97% efficient gear motor that reduces energy consumption. NBC utilizes CRUZ® frame with the rollers low and built-in guardrail configuration for all accumulation conveyor. A rollers-high version is used for all transportation style conveyors.

Technical Data

> Max. Product Weight: 50 lbs/ft or 75 lbs/product

> Min. Product Length: 6″ on 2″ roller centers

> Standard Widths: 16″, 22″, 28″, 34″ between frames

> Zone Lengths: Contact accumulation: 48″

> Speed Range: 70 fpm to 250 fpm



One drive powers a line made up of any combination of zero-pressure contact accumulation and transportation conveyor Reduces wiring, installation costs and time, reduces number of drives required, increases layout flexibility
All butt-plate connectors Ceiling supports may be placed at any location between bed joints, superior strength and rigidity
The 500-AT has an air take-up with a maximum belt take-up of 55″, a maximum belt pull of 500 lbs. and is used for lengths from 12′ up to 220′. Allows greatest efficiency and lowest cost for the customer’s application
Improved hot-meld belt splice. Superior belt strength, long belt life, eliminates cold splicing
Photo sensor is easily adjustable from the top Fast, simple adjustment, eliminates need for visual alignment from opposite side of conveyor
One logic module handles both basic and progressive logic and the accumulation mode is changed with the press of a button No more swapping out modules to change the logic, time savings, cost savings

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