Warranty Inquiry Form

MHS Conveyor’s 2 year warranty program. Please fill out the following Form to have one of our specialists contact you with a quote.

On the side of MHS Conveyor equipment you will find a label that will list the necessary information for you to fill out the following form.

    The label will contain all of the following information:

    • ITEM # (MHS Conveyor’s Item # for this piece of equipment)
    • DESC (Description of the piece of equipment)
    • Job # (The most important information for us to help you. Job # allows us to generate a list of all equipment originally shipped with this unit)
    • M No: Manufacture Number and Date (Assembly date which reveals the age of the equipment)
    • TAG #
    • QR (Quick Retrieval Bar Code) scan for IOM manual

    Warranty Specialists are available during our normal business hours
    Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time

    MHS Conveyor