NBS®90SP (Narrow Belt Sorter 90 Degree Small Parcels)

The NBS®90SP sort small products left and right at high rates.

MHS Conveyor NBS90SP is the ideal solution for rapid, reliable right-angle sortation of small products in either a single direction or left and right. A series of narrow belts, each with individual take-up, enable the system to precisely track product as it reaches specified divert points. High-friction rollers then rise to grip and gently divert product at a 90 degree angle in either direction to a conveyor, chute or directly into a container.

The NBS90SP carries product at speeds up to 300 feet per minute and achieves a sort rate of up to 120 products per minute.

Divert points can be as close as 18”, making the compact NBS90SP perfect for sorting product as small as 4” x 4”.

Technical Data

> Product Weight Range: 2oz to 20lbs

> Max. Rate Reversing: 75-120

> Product Size: 4”x4” to 13”x24”



High speed sortation of small products Maximize throughput
Reversible diverter drive Divert right and left, saving space
High-friction transfer rollers Positive acceleration and maximum divert rate
Pick up product “on-the-fly” Maximize sort rate
Product is conveyed on belts until sorted Increased accuracy of control tracking
Compact design of divert module Close center of divert points
Individual belt take-ups Long belt life and reduced maintenance
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